Louka Kurcer, SFG2, SFB, FMS, FSIS

Louka Kurcer is proud to be the first ever SFG and SFB certified instructor based in Montreal. He teaches locally and across Canada. He is also FMS certified exercise professional.

Louka recently traveled to Vancouver to complete his SFG2 certification.

His passion is teaching the Hardstyle kettlebell method to groups of like-minded and dedicated individuals with the eventual goal of hosting a certification course in Montreal. When he is not yelling Get-Up! or Swing!, he is eating cheeseburgers, ice cream cones and painting faces on kettlebells.

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L. Kurcer with 7th Degree Black Belt and Master SFG Jon Engum

Why not be flexible AND strong?




More to come


More to come


“If you are interested in strength training you should check Louka out. His Body Weight Powerlifts Workshop breaks down movements from the bottom and builds them up. It was a great experience and a huge amount of information was packed into one session. Louka does not just talk the talk, his accomplishments do all the talking needed. I highly recommend this workshop.”

Melda Patterson-Jones

Bodyweight Workshop Attendant

“Louka Kurcer is an encyclopedia of training knowledge. Not only is he incredibly strong, he possesses the unique combination of practical knowledge and communication skills that make is coaching invaluable. He will fast track your training and get you to your goals with laser beam focus and tough love. I highly recommend you seek him out.”

Jon Engum

Taekwondo Grandmaster, Master StrongFirst

“Louka Kurcer is our go-to guy for anything kettlebell and he’s a kick-ass trainer.. Whether you’re looking for functional strength, flexibility or just the best coaching, Louka is your guy!”

Yves Prevost

Coach, CrossFit Vaudreuil

I am very Proud to announce that my friend and brother in strength Louka Kurcer has his gym open and is coaching and offering workshops in Montreal, Quebec. I have hired Louka to coach me and I had the pleasure to work and teach with him. Louka is dedicated, he means what he says, believes in what he does and practices what he teaches. I would like to give him a name; The Strength Architect. I can comfortably say, that Louka is one of the very few coaches who I would trust with my eyes closed and my ears wide open. Without a doubt I would trust his expertise with my own students/clients, family and friends. I haven’t seen this mans best yet, and I assure you that his non-stop thirst for knowledge, his obsession and passion would get you the results beyond your expectations. Loyalty – Honor – Respect

Hussein Samhat

Owner, HSL Fitness

“Louka, I want to thank you for bringing your Hardstyle Kettlebell workout in to my life. I had put it out to friends and colleagues that I was seeking a trainer, so when your name came up from the majority (even other trainers!), I felt comfortable bringing my depleted and tired body to you for (re)-conditioning. I saw immediately why so many had recommended you. Working with kettlebells is a far more complex and comprehensive workout than I had ever imagined and yet you broke it down to workable components and precision movements – I still hear you calling them out to me when I work on my own! From the very start you made the workouts fun and achievable. You challenged me in a way that only a true, time-tested professional can do – I would feel the workout for a few days, but never ever did I get over-worked or injured (which I had expected in those first few weeks) and that gave me the confidence and motivation to work just that much harder. It has given great pleasure to recommend you to friends already and I look forward to recommend more people you again.
Thanks again, Louka!”

Paul John Elliot

Owner, PJE therapeutics

“After attending several workshops with Louka, I can confidently say that his work ethic, attention to detail and sense of pedagogy are 1st class. He is patient, versatile, and extremely detailed in his teaching, leaving nothing unexamined. He demonstrates great care for his students and their learning, and it is clear from the first moment how passionate he is about what he’s teaching! It is a genuine pleasure working with him and learning form him, and I am looking forward to more opportunities to do so in the future.”

Vaggelis Troulis and Adriano Morelli

Owner and Instructors, Spiral Fitness

“Des formations passionnantes avec un gars passionné. Louka est super organisé, professionnel et maîtrise à 200% sa discipline. J’ai participé à plusieurs formations et je vais y retourner dès que possible. Un must dans notre industrie ! Louka est le meilleur sans aucun doute.”

Sophie Dupontgand

YMCA Program Manager, Health, Fitness and Recreation, YMCA

“Being a CrossFit focused fitness facility, training with kettlebells is part of our weekly routine. Louka’s Hardstyle Kettlebell workshop was of great value to our staff, giving us a deeper understanding of kettlebell based movements and a large number of tricks & cues to improve our coaching of the exercises. In a group setting having the right tool to fix someone’s Swing or Get-Up in half the time and twice the efficacy is a valuable addition the our toolbox.”

Louis-Philippe Boudreault

Manager, CrossFit de l'ouest

“The seminar flowed well and stayed on topic. Each technique was broken down into its component parts and built back up into the whole. I really enjoyed that we were able to have techniques evaluated which provided a base for teaching corrective actions. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone serious about learning / improving their kettlebell skills.”

Alan Howatt

Sensei at PEI Shitoryu Karate Club and, Kettlebell Coach at Abegweit Kettlebells

“I had the pleasure of attending Louka Kurcer’s Hardstyle Kettlebell workshop in July 2015. As a trainer myself, I was very impressed with Louka’s instruction and depth of knowledge. He not only listened to the group’s questions, but had guidance and strategies for solving problems and recommendations on how to teach movements to others. I plan to take workshops from him again in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to get stronger and improve their fitness.”

Joey Mokler

Crossfit Coach, Prince Edward Island

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